Export fungus from Ukraine

Ukraine is on the 11th place in the world in terms of production of mushroom. The domestic market in Ukraine is already quite saturated. Prices of mushroom in Ukraine often twice lower than the prices in Russia. Therefore, we invite businessmen from neighboring countries, particularly Russia, to dialogue with the Ukrainian producers of champignon and oyster mushroom in relation to supplies.

Recall that in the framework of the CIS operates a free trade agreement, in which trades are not subject to import duties. And under the treaty and fall mushrooms.

Mushroom of Ukraine earlier does not enter the markets of the neighboring countries for several reasons. But almost all the obstacles are eliminated, and we believe that it is time to begin this dialogue.

What prevented the export mushroom and why it is not so

1. The lack of the required number of.
In order to become interesting export volumes should be, if not more, then at least regular. These amounts must pay the transportation costs, customs fees, to obtain the necessary documents, etc. Earlier in the Ukraine, it was difficult to find a uniform batch of fungus good quality. But today, we can do it.

2. The lack of the necessary quality.
Ukrainian mushroom in general appearance and calibration, is slightly inferior to, for example, Polish. Although it can be argued that healthier. However, we believe that the quality of the fungus so many Ukrainian producers already fully satisfy the demands of many foreign buyers, in particular – the Russians. And, as they say, demand creates supply. If you set the requirements on the quality of the fungus, many Ukrainian producers will be willing to adapt their production to get the name of this quality.
3. Lack of container.
Western Europe and Russia have become accustomed to “mushroom” box (3 kg of mushrooms), which is often called in Ukraine “Polish”. Even last year in Ukraine was slozhnoreshaemoy problem. Today there are at least three vendors such containers, and they already have the first customers. Therefore, if you need to be just such a container – Ukrainian manufacturers pack the fungus is in it.
4. Lack of initiative and business linkages.
The Ukrainians never exported champignon and oyster mushroom in large volumes. Therefore, there is no well-established links, no contact potential buyers, no experience, no examples. But it’s a matter of time and effort – and we invite you to be among the first who opens it is certainly promising direction.



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