Targets and goals


  • Provide market participants with information about the current state of the market
  • To predict market conditions in the long term
  • Offer to introduce the program to stimulate demand
  • Provide PR industry
  • Promoting interaction between the participants of the mushroom market
  • Familiarization with the experience of other countries
  • Easier access to technological information
  • Study of end users
  • Create a platform for the placement of business proposals


  • Mushroom market news: Ukraine and the world
  • The daily price monitoring in the context of regions, such as the sale
  • Trends in supply and demand
  • Study of consumer preferences
  • PR: creation of press releases, expert participation
  • Organization of events: workshops, seminars, conferences.
  • Business trips: the organization of trips to other countries and programs for foreigners in Ukraine
  • Catalog: Information on the participants of mushroom market
  • Article: own analyst, translations, become a party to the authors, the success stories, opinions,
  • Legislation: news, documents, consultation
  • Trade: Trade offers
  • Jobs in mushroom cultivation

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