UMDIS: principles and standards of practice

The audience is the heart of our business.

We strive to communicate to our audience high-quality, original and relevant to actual problems of information. Accordingly, we have published information must meet high standards in terms of journalistic ethics. Audience’s trust is based on this.

At the same time we are limiting our freedom to our duties, such as respect for private life, the need to avoid naspravedlivyh offense, the need to protect the audience from the possible negative consequences.

Our standards


Trust – the foundation of our policy: we are independent, impartial and honest. We aim to achieve the greatest accuracy and strive to avoid the imposition of the audience astray.


We always try to establish the truth about what is happening, and strive to be accurate. Accuracy – is not only correct statement of facts. When necessary, we weigh the facts to get the truth. In order to best approach the truth, we aim to get the maximum amount of evidence to verify the facts and to present this clear, precise language. We try to be open about what we do not know and avoid unfounded speculation.


We use the most impartial  approach to all the facts and objects of our research, we display the breadth and diversity of opinion. And try not to allow any opinions have been overlooked or, on the contrary, they are given an advantage. We will be honest and open in the analysis of evidence and weighing the facts.


IA Umdis regardless of someone else interests and arrangements that could undermine our principles. Our readers need to be sure that our decisions are independent of outside interests, political or commercial influence, any particular interests.


We try to show the situation as it is. But we weigh their right to free  publication available  our materials on our responsibility to protect those who can bring this information unnecessary harm or unjust damage. We try to follow the generally accepted ethical standards and expectations of our audience.


We try to report what is interesting to our audience. We will persist in establishing the truth and to express it well. We ask questions to people who may know the answers and provide a platform for debate.


We are responsible to our audience and we will honestly and openly work with it. Permanent trust of the audience to the agency is a key Umdis  part of the relationship with her. We are willing to admit their mistakes, when these are made, and are ready to promote a culture and a desire to learn from them.


IA Umdis – commercial enterprise funded by the founders and seeking profit. But we believe that the success of the enterprise, especially in areas such as the provision of information, much depends on whether we are creating added value for the whole industry in which we operate. In other words, we strive to ensure that our activities are useful not only for those directly paid or will pay for our services, but also in the whole market itself, ie all the participants. Accordingly, we have set ourselves the following public purposes are defined as:

  • Promoting sustainable development of the industry griboproizvodstva;
  • Prevention of crisis for the industry events;
  • Popularization of mushrooms as a food product;
  • Advocating fair competition;
  • Community development of mushroom producers and encourage them to communicate;
  • Promoting the implementation of best international practices in the Ukrainian mushroom production;
  • Providing industry interaction with the population and the state (PR);
  • Easier access to information for mushroom producers;
  • A better understanding of consumers and their needs;
  • Propagation of Ukrainian products in foreign markets.

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