About us

UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency

Works worldwide for mushroom business. Since 2012.

In English, Russian and Polish.


1. Industrial INFORMATION as we are media for European mushroom producers – news, analytics, technology


https://www.umdis.org/category/pll_en/ in English and Polish

https://www.umdis.org/ in Russian and Ukrainian

2. TEACHING Professional courses and consultations for mushroom producers from consultants with 15+ years of experience. On growing, on harvesting, for exotic mushrooms, for beginners


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl2gOU72br4 video from courses

https://www.umdis.org/consulting_en/ info about one of the consultants

Contact us if you want to get info about next courses and take part [email protected].

3. EXPERIENCE from colleagues, FUN. Industrial online and offline forums, conferences. Farm tours to European, American, Australian farms

https://www.umdis.org/how-do-the-poles-pick-up-to-40-kg…/ – review from farm tour to Polish farms
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h512Dc65GY – online forum
Contact us if you want to get info about new trips, events and take part [email protected].

4. MEETING your COLLEAGUES. Third largest in the world Mushroom Exhibition – 20 countries, 55 exhibitors

UMDIS agency gives YOU as a mushroom industry SUPPLIER

5. Professional PROMO SUPPORT to make mushroom producers in Europe know about YOU and trust in YOUR product. Building and strengthening of your company` awareness and image.

6. We can help you to directly reach mushroom producers on our events in different countries.

We are the only one in Mushroom industry who have 10+ years’ experience in mushroom business and degree in PR&Advertisement plus our own media resources to share the information about YOUR company.

Ask us about [email protected].

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Maksym Yenchenko
+380-67-506-45-21 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, call)
+447415406548 (call), [email protected]


Inna Ustylovska
[email protected]
+380-93-569-09-41 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber)
+48577253132 (call)


Yulia Drozd
[email protected]

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