UMDIS Mushroom Informational Agency

UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe and the only one in Ukraine informational agency for mushroom business.

Our main rubrics are: News, Prices, Analytics, Technology of growing and Advertisements.

56% of UMDIS`s auditory are mushroom farmers from Ukraine. We connect farmers that produce 95% of Ukrainian cultivated mushrooms, also all producers of compost and casing soil.

Nearly 40% of UMDIS`s auditory are mushroom farmers from other Russian-speaking countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Moldova.

Readers of UMDIS Mushroom Informational Agency and participants of UMDIS projects are directly your clients:

  • owners and directors of mushroom farms;
  • supply managers and sales managers of fungi complexes;
  • technologists and consultants;
  • suppliers of mushroom market.
  • retailers and other clients of mushroom farms.

UMDIS works from 2012. We organize for Russian-speaking mushroom farmers number of popular projects, such as Ukrainian Mushroom Days.

We cooperate with consultants and experts of mushroom farming, also with many domestic and international suppliers of the industry.

Please contact us:

Inna Ustylovska, +380935690941, [email protected].

Maksym Yenchenko, +380675064521, [email protected].

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